When I write my "great airport internet terminals of the world" this will not feature in the top ten

The terminal is right opposite a large window and I have to position my body and the text box so as to be able to see my typing.

Aussies - on the way through security my rucksack and I had a wand waved in/over us (the wand was IN the rucksack, and OVER me) and then some paper was analysed. Nobody explained to me what it was. What was it?

I'm having weird "my holiday is over" feelings even though I know I've three more days in Perth... it's very strange.

Con... gone.

So that's the natcon over. I've had a really good time and met loads of lovely people but I appear to have broken my voice, quite badly. Tomorrow I'm off to Perth for the last leg of the trip.

Well here I am...

... in a Mary Martin bookstore in Melbourne, enjoying the relatively cheap internet access. I've spent the past couple of days in the company of Melbourne RD fandom. At least two of them I'd already met when they visited the UK but it was good to finally meet Essjay and Myf. Alison and Dean looked after me really well and Alison really excelled herself by playing Netball half way through dinner last night.

I'm just over the road from the Natcon hotel and will be wandering over soon to check in properly.

If it's breakfast in Adelaide it must be May in England...

I thought it might be polite to let you all know that I've arrived in Australia safely and am now officially touring.

The trip over was fairly uneventful. I managed to record faithfully my destination and contact details so breezed through customs. The huge HAVE YOU ANY FOOD! AT ALL! notices panicked me into revealing my mints - yes, I shook my Tictacs at an Australian customs official. strangedave met me in Perth, fed me tea, and made sure that I got from the International terminal at Perth airport to the Domestic gates: it appears that they share a runway but very little else and five hours may not have been sufficient time to get from one end of the airport to the other. I am very grateful that he came and collected me, made me tea and got me to the right place in good time.

Since I arrived on Adelaide dmw and dalmeny have cared for me admirably. I've had two lovely meals, met Yvonne and other local fans and had a full nights sleep for the first time in days. Last night was the first time I fell asleep and woke up and hadn't changed timezone - we are travelling out today and I'm worried that at some point I'll have to reset my watch again. Plans for the rest of the week include marsupials, wine, markets, second-hand bookstores and, if I have anything to do with it, penguins. To the side of me hh fishlifter has just shouted "alpaca" and is highlighting the cheesy delights of the Adelaide Hills. That's cheesy as in the comestible, not as in disco balls and Cinzano.

I'm having fun and I'm looking forward to a whole day without sleeping.

I have an itinerary! (almost)

Despite my ineptitude causing my credit card account to be suspended due to suspected fraud, not realising I'd need some sort of visa for Australia and what I will refer to as the "New Zealand Wobble" I have an almost complete itinerary for my GUFF trip.

Saturday 26th May - EMIRATES Leave Manchester at 20:50. Arrive Dubai 07:00, local time, Sunday 27th May.
Sunday 27th May - Depart Dubai at 10:05 after browsing consumer electronics. Arrive Perth 0:55, local time, Monday 28th May.
Monday 28th May - QANTAS Depart Perth at 06:20 after 5 hours of lying on a bench, probably. Arrive Adelaide at 10:40, local time, where dmw and dalmeny have promised not to make me walk around a lake in order to see off the effects of jetlag. I'll also have the fishlifter's there to help me acclimatise to Australian life. Remain in Adelaide until...
Friday 1st June - AIR NEW ZEALAND Leave Adelaide at 11.30 and arrive in Wellington at 21:00, local time. I change planes in Auckland and I'm considering buying something in every airport so I can have the 2007 GUFF trip memorial carrier bag collection. In Wellington I'll be attending Conspiracy 2 and meeting with NZ fans including Norman Cates, aka "superb bloke".
Tuesday 5th June - AIR NEW ZEALAND Leave Wellington 12:15 and arrive in Melbourne at 17:25, hopefully into the caring arms of hnpcc. Her and shnetti will look after me until...
Friday 8th June - Convergence 2. The convention the trip is all about. I'm there until the day after the con...
Tuesday 12th June - I should be flying to Perth but this is the part of the trip I haven't actually sort yet. I still need to contact strangedave and find out where he'll be and when he'll be travelling.
Friday 15th June - EMIRATES Depart Perth 22:55, arrive Dubai 05:45, local time, Saturday 16th June.
Saturday 16th June - Depart Dubai at 07:55 and arrive Manchester 12:25, local time, hopefully greeted by my_dad who'll take me home and pour me into bed!

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I am now flying with Emirates from Manchester to Perth and back again. This is at the relative bargain price of £660, and I'll remind myself of that when I'm sitting in Perth airport waiting for a connecting flight to Adelaide.

Then, today, someone asked me if I had a visa. "A visa?" I said, "I need a visa for Australia?"

That's tomorrow's job.

It's all about me.

I have to send a head and shoulders shot to Australia. I'd love to send this one...


...But I think the quality isn't good enough for publication.

Anyway - how does Manchester - Perth - Wellington - Melbourne - Adelaide - Manchester. Planning the most time effective trip could tax the reatest of minds and so I haven't a chance.

GoH's - what should I read by Isobelle Carmody, Eric Flint or Marianne de Pierres?